Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Plain Shirts!

I determined that Ben had too many plain shirts in his wardrobe (and i had a few designs i needed to "test",  so i recently had a little embroidery fest.

This design is from Urban Threads--a FAVORITE design shop with the kind fo embroidery designs you can get behind--instead of flowers, and puppies and rainbow unicorns (gag)

i COULD NOT turn down this one when Niamh advertised it.  As some of you may or may not know, i appreciate the nerdy chic look, and often dress my son in this look.  This design was just too cute!

I know this pic is a little fuzzy--i've got a crappy camera--deal.   But basically this is just an embroidered pocket with a calculator, pen, pencil and broken horned rim glasses.  ANd yes, the calc. does read 3.14.  (speaking of which, you should see her Pi designs!)

I put Ben in this the other day, and he was quite a cutie.  Wouldn't stand still for a pic, though.

Of course One of Ben's favorites is rockets.  To be honest, I'm not sure where i got this design (i download a lot of free ones from designers).  I placed it a little high on the shirt (i refuse to mark the shirt for placement because i've had situations where the mark did not come out--so sometimes my placement is a bit dodgy)  This was a nice full design that didn't pucker and the bright almost neon thread showed up beautifully against the black

And of course, i had to try the peep design.  This was a free design i downloaded from an embroidery forum that i frequent.  (there are lot of those flowers/puppies/rainbows on that site--but an occasional gem will pop up!)  This is an applique design--meaning that yellow you see is actually material that is tacked down and stitched in with the satin stitch on the outside edge.  I used two layers of yellow flannel to make it soft and plump, like my favorite easter candy!  
Ben, as you can see, was a fan as well.
 It's one candy he knows quite well!  "Peep!"

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