Monday, April 18, 2011

more Celtic BOM

Once i finished the Beltaine quilt, i decided to work the three previous quilt tops and then quilt them at a later time--since those months/holidays are over.

I should state that i am using only scraps on each of these, with the exception of the white batik background.  I am deptermined to use my stash of scraps!  (especially for a mini quilt!)

This one is for january, and is the sacred pentacle, representing the four elements and the spirit.  This is the only one that is actually the correct size since i finally figured out the percentage to print the PDF file!

The pentacle itself is paper pieced, and then appliqued on using the sew and turn method.  That was attached using a blanket stitch.   The rest was done with strip sets or just strips.

This one is for February and Imbolc.  This design is called Brigid's cross, as Brigid (or St. Brigid)--goddess of midwifery, among other things, is often worshipped for this sabbat.  This should symbolize a broom, or grasses, thus the use of greens and browns.  Mine weren't as subtle as the example on the website, but i like it just the same.  The red signifies fire, which is pleasing to Brigid (think home and hearth).  This was also paper pieced.

The third one, for March, is for Eostara or the Vernal equinox.  Yes, its' an Eostara egg (seem familiar?  should i even mention the rabbit that lays eggs?)  Eostara is a celebration of spring and fertility, and i used soft pastel colors for this one, except for the border.  Also paper pieced, i look forward to practicing my stippling on this one.  I plan to stipple the white sections and stitch in the ditch for the rest.  This is the only one for which i've planned out my quilting.

I'm looking forward to next month's mini quilt already!


  1. You have done a great job Dawn! I really like them!The next one is up and running, so hop over for download. And write if you can't for some reason! Have fun!

  2. I saw your blocks on Marianna's blog from the Celtic BOM. They look beautiful !!
    I have posted today my 5th block.