Friday, April 22, 2011

Another BOM

This one is from Dreamcastle Quilts, and it's entitled Betty's Blue Birds.  Instead of using shades of blue, however--since i am DETERMINED to quilt down my stash--i am using scraps from the mu'u mu'u job from two years ago.  Purple, White and will be bright at least!

These are the first three blocks.  I will be posting the 4th one once i get a chance to get into my studio.  As it is Spring Break, my usual studio time (when Ben is in school) is currently non-existent.

 This first block is called hovering hawks.  Appropos as we have a few of them in the area.  I should applique a black triangle on there to represent the crows that harass our local hawk...

a pretty simple square--all half square triangles and squares.

This one is called Fox and Geese--a variation on an old classic.  The small triangles are called "flying geese" units, so the corner units must be the foxes.  The geese are paper pieced (otherwise they wouldn't look THAT sharp!)

I really like this one, called Doves.  This one was actually pretty easy because the curves are actually just applique instead of curved piecing.  Something i CAN do but DON'T.  I wanted to do some applique with a more open zig zag stitch as it seems very...casual to me, and i like that!  Satin stitching is pretty, but too perfect.  (that and this material is actually a cotton poly blend--yes, i know, a SIN in quilting, but there it is--and i wasn't sure how well it would hold up under the tension of a satin stitch)

Luckily, each of these blocks is supposed to have a border, but i wanted that color to be the same, so i'll have to get that material later when i can really look at the blocks and determine what color would work best since it will be the dominant color of the quilt.  Right now, i don't even know.

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