Sunday, January 31, 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

Well, i put the sloper on today--i took the time to cut it out yesterday and baste it together. Before i headed downstairs to work on another order today, I remembered it and put it on. I create a whole bodice, instead of the half as Armstrong does--since i had to fit it on myself, I wanted to make sure it was correct.

Surprisingly enough, the part i thought would be off was perfect, and the part i figured would be right, wasn't. The dart, which i ahd to manipulate do to my, er, natural endowments, were perfect. I mean PERFECT. I figured if anything were to go wrong, it would be the dart--which would be the easiest to fix. The back darts weren't deep enough--but there wasn't any instructions for dealing with a sway back, so i expected that.

It was the side seam that was all wrong. I mean i had a gap under my arm that would have fit a loaf of french bread--and my waist wasn't right either. SO i have to take in the sides (an easy fix) and the back darts.

I was worried that the sleeves would be weird. I don't alter sleeves well, so this concerned me. I looked for signs of stress (there were no gaps) but really didn't see any. I was a little uncomfortable with where the sleeve sat--but there was no stress (i just don't like wearing sleeves) so i left the sleeve alone. I figure if i ever have to alter a garment made from this--it won't be a major alteration, maybe a quarter inch off or something. I didn't feel right about altering the sleeve without first fixing the sides either since that could have been pulling too.

I was also reminded that i hate things up at my neck--a phenomenon that has come on me in the lat few years. I've heard the same from"older" women, but i try not to think about that. I also noticed that my "waist" isn't where I perceive my waist(which would explain the wrong measurement) Thank you for the rise of the low-waist jean, but now i can't wear anything at my real waist.

When did i get this picky? Oh, yeah, after i gave birth and my waist CHANGED.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience putting the sloper together, and seeing where it did fit. It was nice to see that all the seams matched together well, as they should have. I didn't have two different shoulder lengths or crooked side seams. I successfully took a two-dimensional drawing and made it into a three-dimensional garment (granted, not one i would wear at present)

So, lessons learned:

always fit your sloper
i don't like sleeves or high necklines
my actual waist and my comfort waist are not in the same place.
growing older bothers me.

Next: alterations and skirt slopers!

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