Saturday, February 6, 2010

The simplest task

well, since mother nature has seen fit to sabotage my business with 2in of water on the floor of my studio, I figured I should work on this next sloper instead of sitting around eating chocolate covered raisins and watching the Models of Project Runway--or whatever that damn show is called. I've pretty much lost interest in their petty lives and even pettier barbs at one another...

On to the skirt sloper. I figured i would start with my blog post since i i somehow didn't check my print quality on my measurement worksheets, and they are currently printing at best quality. So i should be able to make those figures in the next hour when my printer is done... *sigh*

Lesson learned: always check your printer settings

I am going to admit a little arrogance here. Skirts i can do. Not that they're hard mind you. But i can pretty much take any pattern, or idea, and as long as i have the waist & hip measurement, I can whip something together. I even had my fist stab at a maternity dress last year, and the skirt was the best part (she wanted it to hug her beautiful bump, and it did!) And I'm kinda looking at this next sloper as a pain. I mean, does anyone even wear a straight, darted skirt anymore--i mean anyone that I know? But, I cannot go on forever creating the elastic waist, gathered skirt--tiered even. The peasant skirt will always be a hit, but i doubt even Ms. Armstrong would spend much time teaching how that would be made.

But I have to remind myself that this sloper is again the base from which all skirts are made. And i don't just mean seperate skirts. A skirt also refers to the bottom half of a dress with a set-in waist. If i want to expand my eveningwear/bridal skills, I've got to get a little more detailed in my skirt making. If i know my weaknesses are bodices, then i can't afford to gain any more weakness in my skirt-making.

And honestly, I've been eyeing some 40's/50's styles that i'd like to try--and aside from a nice swing skirt, many of them hug the curves...

Lesson 2: Humility? remember that?

Ahhhh...silence. The printer is done and i am ready to open my drawing program and draw a skirt sloper. Let's use some of this arrogance and get this thing done and printed today!

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