Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, my sloper still sits in paper form. It did make a trip down to my studio yesterday, but ended up remaining in paper form while i caught up on a few orders and while my son decided to take three tries to go down for a nap.

And now it will stay down there a few days while i shake this cold. yay.

If it ain't one thing, it's another. If my brain comes out of this fog anytime soon, and my toddler REALLY takes a nap today, i might attempt to draw the skirt sloper. maybe. Between naps. and bowls of soup.

The good news was that it didn't take as long to draw the back sloper. So it's already starting to get easier--AS LONG AS YOUR MEASUREMENTS ARE SOUND. I ran into a few problems again, but was able to remeasure or estimate. Luckily Armstrong posts a chart of standard measurements from size 8-18. Granted, I'm not on that chart (sigh) but i can look at those numbers and tell if my measurement is a little goofy. I have a tendency to skim some pages, and i didn't read all the measurement instructions as clearly as i should have. Measure twice, cut once--not just for hard hats.

So, lessons learned so far:
1. double check your measurements
2. READ carefully--don't skim
3. Make sure your son is REALLY asleep before you head down to your studio
4. Fluids and Rest are just as important as fittings and orders.

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