Friday, January 22, 2010

Justified Distraction

So far, i have only the front bodice sloper finished. That's it. With a little more gumption, I could have the front, back and the skirt sloper done by now. So what's the hold-up?

Well first of all, that first one took me much longer than i anticipated. (which other pattern makers tell you is always true of your first sloper--the next ones are supposedly cake from here--we'll see) Seems some of my measurements weren't as accurate are previously imagined, and it made for a skewed version of a sloper. Luckily, since i decided to do it on the computer, I was able to make changes quickly--but it still meant looking up the measurement again, remeasuring, plotting the lines, etc etc etc.

All the while it looked as if G-d had decided to try that whole flood thing again, and frankly i was a little concerned that i wasn't even in earshot of an ark being built. Rain, once a harmless and really infrequent guest here in Southern California, now registers on my radar as a concern. In January 2005 we had a mini-mudslide here at the house, covering our back patio and making for quite an exciting evening for us. Our house is a three story job, built into the Hollywood hills. I want to say it was built in the 50's. Pete's told me a bunch of times but i never remember. It was built by a concrete contractor, so we know it is study and practically earthquake-proof, in fact we rarely feel them here. But all that won't stop the mud from enveloping it if it so chooses.

I say mini-mudslide because in comparison to what other people went through that winter, this was just pie-making mud. We were "blessed: to only have a covered back patio which the gardeners cleaned up in a day! WE also had the sandbagging help of good friends that night, which kept the mud from entering the house. Other folks lost their homes aand lives that winter. But now when it rains, hard, FOR DAYS, i get a little antsy. Not only have i got the hillside on my radar, but I am also taking stock of the "floodibility" of my studio--which rests at the bottom of our house.

A basement in California terms, but not midwestern terms. I've got everything arranged down there that if it sits on the ground it is plastic or otherwise not prone to water damage. All my fabric, patterns, sewing supplies, as well as all my scrapbooking paper and supplies are down there, and the thought of mold or mildew or any other form of water damage gives me random facial tics. Ala Virginia Woolf, it is a room of my own, and it stresses me out whenever it rains like this. I haven't really had a flood like i did the year of the mudslide, but its always in my head. Right now i have a few puddles in there, in the usual spots, and while we have been told the storm has passed, it's still raining.

On top of this, i had a MIL in town for a week, my husband's cousin is coming for dinner tonight, i have to pick up my mother at the train station tonight, and we are heading to CHA (the biggest craft show in the COUNTRY) tomorrow. And i am the mother of a 3 year-old. And a chihuahua who finds urinating outside during the rain to be an activity beneath him. Needless to say, I am having a little trouble focusing on the task at hand. (not to mention the three orders i need to get to once it dries out downstairs) Distraction has been the rule of my day, and frankly it is a wonder i was able to make a pot of coffee today.

And its raining again. My goal is to get the back finished today. but I'm not holding my breath...

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