Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ID tag

So, my little guy, due to his Autism doesn't do so hot with the question "What's your name?"  He gets it occasionally, but speech that is still a little garbled/inarticulate.  So, as a safety measure, we slip a soft ID bracelet/anklet on him daily whenever he leaves the house--just in case.  I have hopes that no one would ever have to use it, but if it should be needed and wasn't there, I know it would eat me up.

The bracelet we had before was part of the "safety kit" from school when they took ID photos and fingerprinted the lot of them like the hardened criminals they are.  And it's served us well for some time.  But like many things toddler related--we sent him out one day with it, and he came back without it, and without the ability to tell us just where it might be.

Tomorrow brings the first field trip he's ever taken, and it's been buggin me for a few days that his new bracelet hasn't arrived.  So off to the studio i went...

Basically, this is just a piece of nylon webbing with velcro--one end of the velcro is open to hold the id tag that i laminated (that pic didn't come out--sorry.  but i think you get the idea--a piece of paper with name & numbers and whatever other tasty info one might find important.)  Since Ben has his sensitivities to all things NOT cotton, Daddy suggested i cover it with some material to make it softer.  SO i made a tube, inserted the webbing and sealed it up.  

Then after some trial and error (velcro in the wrong place, etc) i stitched down the velcro, leaving the wee pocket.  Easy peasy.

Once he got home from school i had our little Zoolander model it.  He didn't even notice it--as usual.  That's a good thing.

I'm toying with the idea of making these for sale--since they were so easy.  So any parents let me know if you'd like to tag your kid like a celebrity on parole...

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  1. Pretty cool! Love that last pic of him. :D