Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celtic BOM for May

For Mother's day, i thought i would post my Celtic BOM pattern for May.  This month's pattern was about the Goddess.  I chose to use a design different than that posted at Simply 2M, but the idea is the same.  It is a celebration of the Mother and motherhood.

I chose a classic symbol that dates back to bronze-age asia and the goddess cultures that flourished there before the invasion of the Khurgan culture from the Russian Steppe and male-dominated religion (Gimbutas, The Pre-history of Eastern Europe).  A rich symbol rejoicing in the bounty of woman, with the addition of  her ties to the phases of the moon.  On one side the moon waxes, on the other it wanes.  It is our monthly cycle, and without clocks, it would be our one way of keeping track of the months.

I chose to place this on a multicolored spiral--a design I do not claim as my own.  I saw it on some site somewhere ages ago and liked it. Many times this particular figure is adorned with a spiral over her womb, signifying the creation of life.  I preferred that spiral to encompass/signify the world entire.  My only regret in this design is that the yellow i chose for the moon was not as opaque as i would like, with the ricrac showing through.

I used the fusible web method for applique, and a blanket stitch with embroidery thread.  I chose to echo the purple fabric of the goddess figure as the outside border, with green to symbolize the lushness of life.  I outline quilted the figures, and echo quilted around the spiral.

Little by little i am gaining some skills with my machine quilting.  I am happy to say this project only took me two days (not entire, but a few hours each day--one to construct and one to quilt).  Practice practice practice.  May the Mother continue to guide my hand...

Next up--Hawaiian Quilting!

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  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the Hawaiian quilting. :D