Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's like I'm lookin' for any excuse. Trust me, I've got a couple good ones, but I find i am missing my gumption. And it's not just this project--although it has seriously sat on the backburner for too many days.

Excuse #1: the Flood
Seriously, I've considered building an ark this season. El Nino, or global warming, these rain storms are wreaking havoc on my studio. My husband finally suggested that we get a shop vac, since waterproofing the basement just isn't an option at present. So, add THAT to my to-do list. I'm glad i got with the program a few months ago to make sure everything at floor level was in a plastic tub. We've had 7 years of no flooding in there, and this year? Anyone got a goat i can sacrifice?

Excuse #2: Illness
Again, seriously! I got a flu shot this year. Why am i continuously sick? I've given up dairy, I've given up artificial sweeteners, I'm working on all those other food vices, and I don't smoke (anymore). WHat's the deal? As i type, my throat is on fire. Ok, mild embers, but still! Ok, ok, I don't take vitamins, and i prolly should. Lord knows I don't drink enough water--but who knows what the proper amount is anymore? Oh, and i live with a germ factory. 3 years old and male. We have been blessed with a very healthy boy who rarely has a cold, but he sure does carry them around...

All my other excuses are pretty lame really. Lack of motivation, dishes that need to get done (that i could do instead of writing a dumb blog), worrying about 5 million other things that won't change with my worrying, just trying to catch up with the frickin' TV schedule, signing up for new insurance, trying to build business, and the dog. Ok, not the dog so much, but he needs some love too.

I know i struggle with depression, although self-diagnosed. It would seem i need to do something to get out of this funk, because it's draggin' me down.

Anyone got a paddle?

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