Friday, March 6, 2009

Coloring Caddy


(A) rectangle 15"x28"

(B) One rectangle 15x16

(C) rectangle 15x28

(D) rectangle 15x16

(E) rectangle 15x11

(F) 2 strips 20x3

* i marked these pieces all seperately so that i could label them for contruction. Obviously it is your prerogative what kind/color material you use for each piece.

heavy pellon fusible interfacing ( for A & F)
1 piece fusible batting ( for C--doesn't have to be fusible--i just chose it for control during construction)

1. prepare your visible seams on B, D & E. I used a satin stitch edging on E, and turned down 1/2" on B & D. I also added a strip of the pink corduroy to B because it needed some contrast. That piece is probably about 3 inches wide. (didn't measure--just let the muse guide me!)
(2) find the middle of all your pieces and mark them. Fuse interfacing to A. place B on A matching the centers and sew along that center mark. Then find the center horizontally and sew along that line to form pockets.

3) Fuse interfacing to F. To make it easier, cut your interfacing piece 20 x 2” wide. Fold down the edges over the interfacing, fold in half and sew along both edges to make straps. Attach the straps to the right side of A, matching both sides. I used my rotary cutter mat to make sure my placement was spot on. Baste into place.

4) Attach E to D along the middle. Sew another line 1 inch parallel to that middle seam on each side. (This gives you folding room, and makes sure the crayons don’t disappear into the pockets.) Then mark horizontal lines every inch for regular crayons or every 1.5 inches for the fat ones. Make sure to mark from your seam allowance (.5 inch!) Sew these seams creating the crayon pockets.

5) Fuse the fleece to the wrong side of C. Attach the crayon pockets (E&D) to C , joining at the middle seam only. You may want to baste all the pocket sides down at this point as to avoid accidents later.

6) Put your two pieces right sides together, making sure the straps are inside—not poking out of the seam you are about to sew. Sew around the two pieces using .5 seam allowance. Leave an opening for turning—make sure it’s big enough. Clip your corners, trim out excess bulk if you can. Turn your piece, pushing out the corners. Press and sew up the turning hole. Attach hook & loop tape to the corners and fill with crayons and coloring books!

A boyish variation with machine Embroidery:

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