Friday, January 30, 2009


*Ben's jammie pants from daddy's old boxers

So, my husband has become an avid recycler and composter. And I get to bear the brunt of his excitement. All our recycling is labeled, sorted and taking over my kitchen! And I don't even want to discuss the "compost bowl" since he sees no reason to buy one of those new-fangled compost buckets with the charcoal filter at Williams-Sonoma for 29.95. Every day i get to look into what was once our breakfast/lunch/dinner and wonder why i agreed to this nonsense.

well, because secretly i believe in it too. There is a thrift gene in me that is becoming stronger as this economy continues to tank. I've always had it, having grown up poor and without. But once money and the ability to buy my inner child her every desire came about, I kinda kicked my thrift gene to the curb. But she hung around. She knew it wouldn't last. Eventually owning so many shoes, and every handbag known to man gets dull. And frankly, with this post-baby body, all those cute clothes should be hanging in someone else's closet.

But there are still needs in this house to be fulfilled. clothing for the boy, linens and such for the tables and beds, "pretty" things to please my inner decorator. But in this economy, buying all those things just doesn't make sense.

So, my new passion: upcycling! Taking something that was bound for the thrift store, or worse, the garbage or rag bin, and making it into something functional, and hopefully beautiful. I've already been doing some of this--using Pete's old clothes or some old pillowcases to make Jammies for Ben. But this passion needs fertile ground! It's time to put my creative bend to a utilitarian task! My Chinese New Year resolution, since it's year of the OX, is to do one upcycling project once a month to fill those needs that are in this house! Ok, and maybe a few wants too! And what better way to get my husband into my crafting. Since i told him about this idea, he is handing me things left and right to use! I've had to tell him to slow down, or my project list will look like our paper recycling area! (Don't ask)

So keep an eye out for my first upcycle project, the t-shirt and jeans quilt.

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  1. I love it! Wish I had the time and energy for it. I could have a bunch of quilts from old clothes, etc. If you ever run out of "material" let me know. lol I'm sure I'd have a bunch to send you or bring with me on my next trip.

    I don't think I commented on the draft stopper. I need to make one for the front door, but my fear is of it getting caught every time we open or close the door...stupid apartment doors!