Thursday, April 23, 2009

A real sewing job

Well, I haven't posted in forever is due to the fact that I have an actual sewing job! I am creating 32 (gasp!) mu'u mu'us for a local Halau (hula school). Now, for those thinking this is an easy job becuase they are imagining the type of garment worn by Homer Simpson, think again. mu'u mu'us are really any kind of dress as I am discovering. I am creating a traditional mu'u mu'u with the ruffle on top and bottom. and th other two are really just dresses. with big skirts. Something pretty to twirl while dancing.

I am loving this job because it is relly pushing me out of my comfort zone. The only crutch i have is the Wild Ginger Celebrations software which creates the patterns for me. But that doesn't mean i use them as is--i am still altering and changing them.

Tonight is the first fitting. Only two dresses: my client wants to see as example of each dress before i start making the bulk. This really is a step in the right direction for me. Since i was a kid i wanted to be a fahion designer--not necessarily Calvin Klein, but definitely making clothes. This job is inspiring me, and i hope my client likes what she sees! She could be the network i need to get moving. I could happily create mu'u mu'us as a career. as long as i get to design something for myself from time to time.

Once i have a finished product I will post pics. But here are two of my design drawings (also a push outside the box for me)

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