Monday, August 2, 2010

the Bustline of reality

So a while back, I made myself a cute sundress out of some aloha material i had on hand. I loves me a long sundress, so i based my design on a pattern i had that was super cute--extending the hem and adding a ruffle along the bottom. It was a cute dress--one i failed to photograph--but it never felt right.

This is the pattern i based it on. I wanted something empire waisted and with pleats to "mix it
up." But take a good look at that model. What's she sporting? An A cup? B tops? Sure it looks cute on her--ANYTHING looks cute on those little girls!

This bodice, while cute, is NOT meant for anyone above a B cup. Especially if you extend into the doubly delightful DD range. This is for someone who rarely wears a bra and whoose boobs are in the state of constant perk. For the rest of us, the bottom hem of the bodice cuts right across the top of your breasts--creating this weird edge, strange pouf, and general uncomfortableness. This cute sundress hung in my closet, worn once, gathering dust. (i seem to have a problem closing my closet door...)

So a few months ago (projects for myself tend to range into the months long arena) i decided it was time to remake that dress or give it away. Since i have the love affair with long dresses, i was loathe to give it away (as well crafted as it may have been). So i ripped it apart, got rid of the old bodice, and created a new one.

This bodice is based in reality. The classic surplice neck line--forgiving, and downright sexy with the right bra! As i was out of the original material, I used the same black as the original bottom ruffle, but used some of the scrap material to create a "ribbon" for the neckline to tie it together.

I also used one of my patterns to create this bodice, and i find the sleeves a bit...grabby. Reminder to those who sew--patterns are created in general for a B cup--and even if the size is larger, the ratio of shoulder to bust isn't always as exact. I may fix this one with a shoulder dart to pull the sleeve in a touch. Or i might not. This is just a sundress after all--suitable for a trip to farmer's market or the grocery.

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