Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Dude Abides

So, i just finished another bowling shirt for one of my loyal customers.

As with previous shirt orders, I promptly caught a cold/plague after i started this shirt. So what would have taken a couple of days (i can only sew during nap time...) took a couple of weeks. Because then there was the trip down to San Diego, and then a general malaise, then the start of summer school--which led to unpredictable or non-existent nap times, and...well...i feel lucky to have even gotten this one done!

As shirts go, this one looks sweet, but it's not a favorite. I really dig the batiks, but i had a really tough time getting the collar facing to lay down--and spent too much "perfectionism time" on it. It lays down now--but still not in a way that i like. Not that anyone will see it, or care. But i can, and do.

I also put together this lil custom pillowcase for a friend's daughter. Frankly, i love using non-traditional materials for little girls' stuff! I see nothing wrong with skulls or tattoo
materials--it makes for awesome stuff! Her parents are pretty rock-n-roll as well, so it's the perfect item for them all!

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