Sunday, March 14, 2010

This was a big week. The little man started pre-school and I had a root canal. Craft/Sewing-wise, nothing really got done this week. But I did get to do some fabric shopping with a friend and picked up a few interesting books at the library.

Since I live in Los Angeles, I am not limited to the local JoAnn’s or Hancock fabrics—even though I feel like I give a donation to Our Lady of Quilting Cottons on a regular basis. I am luckily 20 minutes (if there’s no traffic on the 101 –riiiiiiight) from the Los Angeles Garment district. Not only can I buy a knock-off coach bag and ten skirts for under $50, but some fantastic fabric shops abide in that area. If you are brave enough to skirt past the people hawking corn and porkskins from carts and the inevitable “downtown smells”, then you can enter fabric paradise. I would imagine the only place better would be in New York…

As I often head downtown on a particular mission, I usually head to Michael Levine. They pretty much have everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I haven’t yet found Mood Fabric, but I’m sure its comparable. Michael Levine has one store of fashion fabric, one store of decorator fabric, and my favorite—the Loft. The loft is where they dump their ends, seasonals and downright unpopulars in big boxes and you have to just brave it and dive in like a trash picker. Fabric over in the loft is sold by the pound, and if you are diligent, you can find some pretty fantastic stuff over there—especially knits. There are a number of my Loft finds in my fabric stash, just waiting for me to create some sort of magic.

This week, since I was bringing a friend/client—we headed to the fashion fabric store. Since I am making gifts for her, I cannot divulge the nature of our trip, only that the perfect colors needed to be found. (and were!) I was cool experiencing the store through new eyes—the absolute sensory overload of color & texture. As a child often dragged to fabric stores, they don’t overload me anymore, so it’s nice to be reminded of how much a fabric store can awe someone.

I should say this was also the first time I brought my little man downtown. He loooooved the elevator (urine smell and all) but was absolutely not interested in the fabric store. I think at one point we stopped and looked at some fish on fabric—a brief interlude—before he threw himself on the floor to lay there—mid traffic pattern—and sing his song. At least he wasn’t screaming—and I was able to get some fabric for a project as well.

The root canal was unplanned. And frankly, not as bad as I expected. The actualy procedure was just long and boring. 6 shots of novocaine—the only the first two hurt. It was the post-procedure that blew. You know it’s gonna be tough when the dentist prescribe Vicodin and gives you that “look”, as if to say—“sorry, but the rest of your week is shot to hell.” It hasn’t been horrible (well, the vicodin made that happen) but it hasn’t been fun either. I’ve been in that state where, I’m in enough pain to take a pill, but once I do, I can’t get anything done. Yesterday, I survived on Advil and was able to get a little crafting done with a good friend, so I’m beginning to get a grip on things. But unfortunately, my dentist isn’t done—she still has to finish the other root—so I get to go through this again in another week. At least this time I know what to expect, and will have enough “soft food” in the house to keep me going.

As far as library books, I was able to pick up Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones, missing the patterns (lame). It had some interesting ideas, especially for the diaper bags. I am so inspired by her fabrics--rich colors and textiles and a lack of fear to mix those fabulous patterns. This is my deepest challenge--mixing patterned fabric...

I picked up a few other books with simple patterns and ideas--i don't pick them up for the patterns as much as for inspiration. I also got a costuming book, which set me into fits of delight, imagining creating corsets and full skirts, and Elizabethan doublets...I think i was meant to be a costumer...

Imma try to get a grip this week. I need to finish a little dress I’ve been sitting on, I’ve got a bag order I need to start, this “gift” order that needs another consult before I start, and I need to do some re-measuring and pattern drafting to regain momentum on my fashion design project. I’m still getting used to Ben’s schedule, so I may actually be able to start using that time this week. And I need to get this all done BEFORE root canal part Deux next Monday.

And by the way, I hate the time change.

Lessons learned this week:

  • Don’t take fabric stores for granted—it is like a candy store!
  • Don’t force your son to go with you to said candy store—he just sees bolts of fabric
  • Root canals aren’t as horrible as you would imagine. But they can be.
  • Time management is key!

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  1. I loved when we went to the garment district! We must do it again. :) I definitely want to see what you come up with when you mix patterns and start costuming. I love the mixed pattern stuff, but have a hard time with it myself.